Project Silence No More Scholarship Application Form 2020


$500 scholarship given to a number of well-suited applicants.


 To encourage and support students who actively promote mental health awareness, as well as pursue careers that address mental health issues.


 Any JHS Senior who plans on attending a 4-year University, community college, trade school, or any post-high school training school is eligible.


Please submit all materials via email to Please send it with the subject line “FirstName_LastName_2020Scholarship”. Please submit all materials, EXCEPT the letter of recommendation, in one document. The due date is April 28th by 11:59 pm.


The Project Silence No More committee will take a comprehensive approach to evaluating applications. We encourage all students who feel qualified to apply. The application is split into four main sections. The first section contains basic information. The second section contains information about your overall accomplishments, activities, leadership positions, community service/involvement, and other things of this nature. The third section is an essay prompt that asks you to explore your passion for mental health and what you have done/plan to do in the future to specifically advance mental health issues. Lastly, the fourth section is one letter of recommendation. Feel free to ask the person of your choice, but avoid peers and family members.


Should you have any questions, please email Ally Andreasen at


Section 1

First and Last Name.

Weighted GPA.

Intended institution of study and plan of study after graduation.

What was your favorite class during your high school career, and why? (250 word count limit)

Which high school staff member do you feel normalized the conversation on depression, mental health, suicide, etc. the most? Why? (250 word count limit)

Section 2

Please list any school sponsored activities that you participated in during high school, noting any leadership positions/significant accomplishments you obtained in each.

Please list any community based/service organizations that you participated in/volunteered with.

Describe one accomplishment during your high school career you are most proud of, and why. (250 word count limit)

Discuss one activity (can be high school based or community based) that most impacted you, and explain what lessons you learned from participation in it. (250 word count limit)

Section 3

Please construct up to a 750 word essay on the following prompt:

Why do you care about mental health awareness? Please discuss things you have done in your high school career that relate to mental health awareness, as well as your future plans to advance mental health awareness. What do you think that your generation can/should do to lead the movement towards normalizing the conversation around mental health, suicide, and depression?

Feel free to address other questions that are related to this prompt. These questions are supposed to help guide you along. We are looking for genuine, thoughtful, and inspiring answers.

Letter of Recommendation

Please select one adult to submit a one page letter of recommendation. The content of the letter is open to whatever the individual would like to write about, but letters that specifically address your passion and actions you have taken relating to mental health awareness will be preferred. Please have the recommender send the letter by April 28th, 11:59 pm, directly to Ally Andreasen at with the subject like “Firstname_Lastname_2020Scholarship_Recommendation”.