Class of 2019- Gurleen Kaur

We were happy to award our annual scholarship in 2019 to Gurleen Kaur. She is someone who we feel fully embodies the spirit and mission of Project Silence no more. Gurleen is a driven and passionate individual who we know will make bold strides in the name of mental health advocacy and awareness. She is currently attending the Iowa State University with plans to attend medical school become a Psychiatrist. We are thrilled to support someone who is passionate about a lifelong commitment to ending the stigma around mental illness.

“I hope to spread the message that having a mental illness is okay. I want to help people understand mental health. I don’t just want to normalize the conversation, I will normalize the conversation.”

-Gurleen Kaur

We also were thrilled to have Gurleen speak at our 2nd annual mental health awareness concert this summer. Click here to see a video of her speech.

class of 2018 - megan walker

We’re excited to announce that the 2019 PSNM scholarship goes to Megan Walker! She has shown that, through courage and perseverance, anyone can start the conversation. Megan is now attending The University of Iowa, where she majors in psychology and plans on eventually going to medical school to become a psychiatrist.

People need to know that what [my family and I] went through could be prevented just by having a simple and honest conversation with the people around us. I think the biggest thing we need to do is start talking about it everywhere, especially in schools. The pressure to fit in is so strong that kids are locking their feelings and struggles away. They’re too afraid to stand up and start the conversation, so we need to do it for them.

-Megan Walker

megan walker.png

Class of 2020- APply NOw

Want to be our 2020 scholarship Recipient? Click here to apply.